- We exist for our social purpose of supporting your favourite charities -

Partners in fundraising

Proudly we are the only specialist residential sales, lettings and property management estate agents in the county who operate as we do. We do this by giving each of our clients the opportunity to nominate a charity of their choice and donating the majority of our profits split between the nominations.

We want to change the business model

Clients are placed at the centre of our business who we provide a wide range of sales, lettings and property management services to buyers, sellers, landlords and tenants.

We have been set up with an emphasis on transparent, professional and ethical trading; and raising funds for a diverse range of charities selected by our clients.

Unlike any other estate agents in Staffordshire, we donate the majority of our profits to charity without an upper limit. Therefore, the more profit we make the more we can give away! These are charities only selected by our clients and employees on a truly proportional scale.

We're mould breakers

As a Social enterprise we are not afraid of breaking with conventional business models to find new, more sustainable ways of improving the world around us. We always put our clients at the centre of all that we do and design our services in the best possible way around their needs.   We are fundamentally about doing what’s right by our clients, by our employees and the charities we support.

Want to partner with us?

Register with us today

Are you are a charity within Staffordshire and you wish to join our charity list? If you are you get to receive nominations and donations from our residential property clients as well as benefit from the associated marketing. So contact our team who will explain our process by completing the following registration form.

Standing out from the crowd

What makes us different?

We are passionate about achieving our social aims and this motivates us as much, if not more, than the challenge of running a profitable business. 

At Staffordshire Knot Estate Agents, we help to raise valuable donations for charities and causes across Staffordshire when one of our clients nominates your charity from our registered list. Our aim is to inspire people buying, selling, renting or letting properties with us to choose a valuable cause to donate to when using our services and then proportionally split 51% of our profits between those charities. So If you haven’t already registered your charity with us, you can do that above today or get in touch to discuss more.

From children’s charities to local sports clubs, animal and wildlife charities to schools; we want them all covered.