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Quality matters most

A local supply chain

We manage residential properties across Staffordshire for our clients, whilst also arranging maintenance and repairs. So we are keen to provide our clients with the most robust and reliable list of preferred suppliers.

We will be listing our preferred contractors through our Property Management Department soon.   These contractors will have all been vetted and their insurance checked. 

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Ethical Suppliers

As a first step towards the establishment of our Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) programme we want to better understand two our existing supply-base. Firstly, in terms of supplier employees, management and ownership. Secondly, their own approach to the subjects of CSR, diversity and inclusion.

Standing Out From The Crowd

We are passionate about achieving our social aims. This motivates us as much, if not more, than the challenge of running a profitable business. 

We have been set up with an emphasis on transparent, professional and ethical trading. To raise funds for a diverse range of charities selected by our clients.

Unlike any other estate agents in Staffordshire. We donate the majority of our profits to charity without an upper limit. The more profit we make the more we can give away! These are charities only selected by our clients and employees on a truly proportional scale.


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A fresh, innovative and bespoke approach to property across Stoke-on-TrentNewcastle-under-Lyme and the Staffordshire Moorlands; backed up by a real local social purpose.

Our company mission is to be recognised as a business that brings values to the property industry. For us, that means adhering to values of honesty, support and trust, all done in a professional, ethical and approachable manner.